Sustainability in NZ

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Swine Flu

I'm not the best blogger for news reports but seeing that I haven't updated my blog in a while, it makes sense to write this post.
The Swine Flu is a flu (influenza, if you want to be technical) - hence the name - which is originated from pigs. To be pedantic, this horrible epidemic is caused by influenza type A which infects these pink hippopotamus-relatives (believe it or not, they're related); there are many types of the infection, but it has not normally affected humans, well, not up until now, because this latest form clearly does.
Most unfortunately for us Kiwis, this proliferating pig disease is rumoured to be in New Zealand. I don't know much about it, really.


Traits Of A Quality Learner

I'm back. Sorry I haven't been posting lately; for some reason I don't find there's really anything interesting to write about. But back to the matter at hand...
Traits of a quality learner.
I think a successful student... This is more difficult than you'd expect. Um... A successful student should be able to self manage [does that have a hyphen?]; like, get work and other stuff which have deadlines done on time. Does "meeting the highest expectations" come under self(-)managing? If it doesn't, well, quality learners should still do that.
Um, a successful student should "participate and contribute" in all activities and not be scared to try new things.
And then there's all that basic respect stuff that we learnt in Primary; like, respect other people's property, respect school rules, respect your teachers and classmates, etc..
Feel free to add anything I missed in your comments.
Until next time...