Science Fair *moan*

So, at school we have a school science fair and most unfortunately for the Accelerate Class (which I'm in), it's compulsory. I guess it'd be pretty cool if you wanted to be a scientist but that's not the case with me. I haven't got any idea what I'm going to do it on and I'm hoping to do a little better than last year: my topic was "How Long Does It take For Bread To Get Mouldy?", it was pretty pathetic. I find science confusing what with all the strange substances and sophisticated vocabulary.
But I'll do the best I can even though that isn't that much.
Boo hoo.

By the way, does this look like a cat?:



lilrocsta said...

I agree with you about the boring bits and i have no idea what its about or what to do!

Bubbles said...

I cant decide what to do a investigation about!

Winged Hussar said...

i am not very good at coming up with science fair ideas...the first part is the hardest part D:

G gangster said...

I'm finding it hard to find a science fair idea as well.
(by the way, <(*Y*)> kind of does look like a cat)

pinky said...

Same! I'm stuck!I don't know what to do!By the way that's a cute cat!

Queen Of Hearts said...

You have sophisticated language to Midnight Baloney

jjdragonrider said...

it sort of looks like a cat