Swine Flu

I'm not the best blogger for news reports but seeing that I haven't updated my blog in a while, it makes sense to write this post.
The Swine Flu is a flu (influenza, if you want to be technical) - hence the name - which is originated from pigs. To be pedantic, this horrible epidemic is caused by influenza type A which infects these pink hippopotamus-relatives (believe it or not, they're related); there are many types of the infection, but it has not normally affected humans, well, not up until now, because this latest form clearly does.
Most unfortunately for us Kiwis, this proliferating pig disease is rumoured to be in New Zealand. I don't know much about it, really.


QueenBead said...

Um... I'm confuzzeld

pinky said...

Ha ha! Queenbead! You always say confuzzeld!

jjdragonrider said...

hi boloney! i am so scared about the swine flu are you? b.t.w.cool post keep it up!