MJ No More

OMG, the "King of Pop" - that is MJ isn't it? Or is it Elvis? No wait, Elvis is "King of Rock 'n' Roll" - is dead. I tried to refrain from using that statement 'coz it sounds so "not right". MICHAEL JACKSON IS DEAD!!!! See what I mean.
Anyway, the [in]famous MJ died on the 25th of June 2009 - that was the date in the US, but for us, in NZ, it was the 26th - from a fateful heart attack which arrested his cardiac - cardiac arrest, get it? I should probably stop making a morbid joke out of this. But the Jackson family also suggested that MJ may have died of a drug overdose - which, don't mind me saying, is probably a more "popular" death among celebrities.
After the "King of Pop"'s - I'm still unsure about that - death, there was a sudden increase in searches for "Michael Jackson" on Google, which caused some technical difficulties for the company* and led the company to believe that they were under attack from "malicious hackers" - LOL, that's pretty funny.


*that statement doesn't sound right; Fragment consider reversa - what does that even mean?!

N.B. I found out that MJ is (ahem, correction: was) the "King of Pop" after all!


pinky said...

I know!!!! I heard about that! It is so sad :( All of the music stations and channels are playing MJ songs now! Last night I was singing his songs! LOL

Thriller, thriller night. LOL!


jjdragonrider said...

I heard about that. kind of sad dont you think.
P.S. Ireally liked his dance moves!

mudpies02 said...

Yup, that's the King of Pop!!