Random post about nothing in particular

Hello, people of the web. Sorry for not having posted recently - though I probably shouldn't be so full of myself as too think that I actually had frequent viewers.
I don't usually like writing holiday recounts but I'll have to anyway because there really isn't anything else I can think of.
Well, of course I was excited a week before the holidays but to be honest, it was boring. I didn't do much. Actually talking about is making me sleepy.
Oh yeah, the New Moon movie is coming out soon; November I think. The books are good. There are two tickets in New Zealand to the premiere in LA, but to acquire them means you have to enter a competition which you're most likely not going to win - but then again that's probably what the winners would have said.
I saw the new movie Up in the holida- woah, a sudden wave of tiredness fell over me; I should stop talking about those two weeks of tedium.

Until next time


Dreamenchantress said...

lolz so typical of u to post this. saw new moon its pertty good but the books r better then the movie.

pinky said...

Heey. U heerd from horses4eva/ Queenbead?????? Needa discuss da moovee trip I rang u bout. Ring u l8r + ring Horses4eva & Queenbead.